Public Transportation

Whether you’re visiting Prague for the weekend or planning to live in the city for some time, it’s crucial that you learn how to get around. Prague’s public transportation is convenient and easy to learn. Here’s a crash course for those who need to adapt quickly.


Prague metro map  prague metro  prague metro   Prague metro

This is Prague’s retro subway system which has been operating since 1978.

  • Open every day from 5:00-midnight
  • Three lines: Green or A; Yellow or B; and Red or C.
  • Three transfer stations: Muzeum, Florenc, and Můstek
  • Make sure you are on the right platform: check the plan in the middle of the metro (you are at the stop with symbol of the circle and two arrows)
  • Each upcoming stop is announced over the speakers and shown on a display
  • Runs less frequently over the weekend and at night
  • Use the trams once the metro stops running
  • Most amount of ticket inspectors, especially around Muzeum, Můstek, and I.P. Pavlova



prague tram  Prague tram schedule  prague tram  prague tram

With a multitude of tram lines throughout the city, non-stop service, and a tram-side view of the city, why would you not go by tram in Prague?

  • Trams run all day; they run about every 30 minutes or even less frequently after midnight
  • Day trams are start at #1 and up; night trams are #51-59
  • Each upcoming stop is announced over the speakers and shown on a display
  • Night trams start running from midnight; they run VERY infrequently
  • Lazárska stop is the central stop for ALL night trams; this is a good transfer spot to catch your tram home
  • How to read a tram schedule:

1) All stops on the route are listed (you are at the stop that is underlined; the stop listed AFTER it is the next stop); if the stop you need if not listed somewhere after your current one, you need to cross the street to the other tram platform

2) Time is according to the 24 hour clock

3) There may be two different schedules for the same trams: one for the work week (“Pracovní Den”) and one for the weekend (Sobota/Saturday & Neděle/Sunday)


Buses (+ how to get the airport)

prague bus stop

Most travelers never need to use the bus system unless they take it to and from the airport. To get to the airport, take the green line/A metro to the end stop at Dejvice. From there follow the signs that say “airport” to the bus stop right outside the metro. Take bus #119, which will take 20 minutes.

  • Read the schedule the same as the tram schedule
  • There are day and night buses


Buying Transportation Tickets

Prague metro

Although Prague is a very compact city, you may want to rest your legs after all of those cobble stones. So how do you get tickets for the public transportation?

  • Any ticket you buy is good for all Prague public transportation: metro, trams, buses, ect.
  • Ticket prices:
      1. 24 kč (30 minutes; not good for transfers)
      2. 32 kč (90 minutes; for transfers in metro or metro-tram or vice versa)
      3. 110 kč (24 hours; as many transfers and rides as you want on any public transport)
      4. 310 kč (72 hours; as many transfers and rides as you want on any public transport)
      5. For monthly and yearly prices:
  • Where to buy tickets:
    1. Tickets for the metro can be bought in the metro at ticket machines (have change!); 1 day and 3 day passes can be purchased at metro ticket counters
    2. Tickets for the tram need to be bought in advance at ticket machines in the metro or at magazine stands/shops; they cannot be bought on the tram
  1. Validate your ticket at the ticket punching machines before the escalators in the metro; for the trams, there are ticket punchers on the tram. Validate your ticket or else you can get a fine!
  2. Prague’s public transportation works on the honor system. However, if caught without a ticket, you pay 700 kč on the spot to the ticket inspector.



AAA taxi prague

Taxis in Prague are notorious for overcharging unsuspecting travelers and locals alike. There are ways to avoid this.

  • There are a handful of trusted taxi companies in Prague with meters. Use them! Both have dispatchers who speak English.
  • AAA Taxi (yellow cabs) +420 222 333 222
  • City Taxi (yellow cabs) +420 257 257 257
  • It is not recommended to hail any taxi off of the street. If you do, negotiate the price first. Trips around the city center should be 200-300 kč.
  • There are several taxi stands around the historical center; use these, but still negotiate the price.


Useful Websites

Search connections for Prague’s public transportation system; connections for train and bus within Czech Republic and to other countries

Czech form of google maps; possible to search transportation connections too

The best Czech bus company; also offers some nice deals on bus tickets within Europe and flight tickets too