Bohemian Retro

Stepping into Bohemian Retro in Žižkov is like stepping into the Czechoslovakian past. This vintage clothing shop is filled with treasures: walls of jewelry, earrings, necklaces, brooches, baskets of hats, shoes, racks of purses and sunglasses, and random knick knacks filling every nook and cranny. In the back room there are racks of clothes with awesome leather jackets and fun-patterned dresses. The shop owner says she likes to buy from the older people because they have great clothes that they want younger generations to put to good use. And besides, everyone knows people had a lot more style back in the day AND that wearing your grandparents clothes is in fashion! The highlight of the store are those pieces the shop owner reworks calling “post-apocalyptic couture.” The biggest mistake you could make at Bohemian Retro – simply not spending enough time rummaging through all of the vintage gems.

Address: Chvalova 8, Prague 3

Opening hours:

14:00-19:00 Wed-Sat

Credit cards: No