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Moving to Prague and need an affordable apartment?

Are you an expat or new to the city and looking for a cool place to live?

Don’t speak Czech?

Finding an affordable apartment to rent in Prague can be challenging and even more so if you don’t speak Czech. Foreigners in Prague typically end up paying a lot more for an apartment because they do not know where to look and cannot communicate well enough in Czech. Our services are ideal for those new to the city and for those planning to rent for at least one year.

Take advantage of our discounted “Package Deal“ or simply pick and choose from our offering. And don’t forget, our services are specifically catered to foreigners and are the most affordable around!

What we offer:

  • Apartment finding services based on your specific needs
  • Apartment listings from the current market (example here)
  • We set up the apartment viewings for you
  • We go with you to see the apartments
  • We help you with the contract signing

Full description of services & prices

More information on Prague’s various districts

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