PRAGUE OFF THE MAP: An Alternative Guide to Prague


Hany Bany 1

Jdeme na pivo! Let’s go for a beer (or five)! You’ll find a myriad of bars in Prague. Want to know where you can hang out with art students? Or how about a bar where you can set your own price? We’ll expose all of those cheap, alternative, and sometimes stinky dive bars as well as those places where the cool kids hang out.

Cheap Eats

Lehká Hlava 1

Vegetarian? Sausage-lover? Self-caterer? Prague restaurants and specialty shops have something for everyone and at a reasonable price. If you’re on the hunt for the best pub food in Prague ala „hermelín“ (aka pickled camembert cheese) or „utopenec“ (literally „drowned man“ sausage) or just want to have a nice meal, then read on and dobrou chuť!

Festivals! And More Festivals!

Mezipatra Queer Film Festival

Prague is a city of many festivals. There’s always something going on whether it’s a musical mash-up, a film spread, or bizarre theater performances.

Art Galleries & Exhibits

Trafačka 1

Bountiful grafitti. Alien babies crawling up the Žižkov TV tower courtesy of David Černý. Creativity pours out of this city. In fact, the art scene seems to be getting better and stranger.

Alternative Accomodation

Studio Manes Praha 2Whether you’re looking for a cheap apartment to call home during your travels to Prague or a more permanent place for living in the city, we’ve got you covered.