Best Places to Swim in Prague

Even though the sweltering summer days are still ahead of us, it’s best to be prepared and know where to take a dunk when the time comes. We can’t guarantee that these places won’t be packed – they will, however, charm you and have pretty clean water.

Koupaliště Divoká Šárka

This retro swimming pool is located in the stunning nature reserve of Divoká Šárka. Getting there alone is an adventure as you pass by rock formations, meadows, and a bubbling stream. The swimming pool itself is as retro as it gets with a 1920s Czechoslovakian vibe. There are two pools in one: side one has tepid water and side two is for the brave only (usually it’s ice cold). The pool is on a constant supply of stream fed water which means that the water is clean and chemical-free. Pop a squat on the spacious lawn and take in the eye-popping scenery around you.

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Biotop Radotín

Located along the banks of the Vltava River, Biotop Radotín is truly a unique bathing experience. Opened only recently in 2014, the Biotop – a former brownfield – has clean water which is naturally filtered in adjacent lagoons. Although technically outside of the city proper, Biotop Radotín can be easily reached by train and is only an 8 minute ride from Smíchovské Nádraží. If you have an Open Card or Lítačka, you don’t need to pay for the fare.

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Koupaliště Motol

If you’re looking for a natural pond to swim in, then Koupaliště Motol should be it. The water here is consistently the cleanest of the Prague ponds and natural reservoirs. The area itself has seen better days – but this just adds to the charm! And as an added bonus, there’s a secluded nudist area too.

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Petynka is a good option for people who are looking for an outdoor swimming pool with modern and new facilities. There’s some grass you can spread out on and a food stand with greasy delights. The pool for little kids is awesome and in general, this place is pretty kid-friendly.

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