Koupaliště Divoká Šárka

There’s a swimming pool paradise at the nature reserve of Divoká Šárka. Getting there alone is an adventure as you pass by rock formations, meadows, and a bubbling stream. The swimming pool itself is as retro as it gets – no fancy reconstructed pool here. There are two pools in one: side one being tepid water and side two being for the brave only (usually it’s ice cold). The pool is stream fed and there are no chemicals used. Pop a squat on the spacious lawn and take in the eye-popping scenery around you. Oh, and it’s easy to waste a whole day here since there is a food stand with beer and unhealthy Czech snacks and also other activities like ping pong to be had.

The swimming pool itself is about 1 km from the tram stop “Divoká Šárka”. After the McDonald’s there are a set of stairs on the right. Follow those down and then take the second path to the left and follow it all the way down to the swimming pool.

Address: Divoká Šárka 41, Prague 6

Opening hours:

9:00-19:00 daily (open during summer only)

Cost: 70 Kč (50 Kč at 16:30)

Credit cards: cash only

Web: http://koupaliste-sarka.webnode.cz/