Štvanice Island: Cooler Than You Think

Prague has a handful of picturesque islands. Štvanice Island, however, does not rank among these polished touristy abodes. In fact, it is completely off the radar of Prague’s tourists. At first glance the island appears to be abandoned – this sense of having it all to yourself definitely contributes to its genius loci. Štvanice is like a place time has forgotten. For those who like urban exploration, Štvanice is worth a wander.

Getting There

They say that travel is all about the journey, and getting to Štvanice is part of the fun. During the warmer months you can actually take a nice pontoon boat run by the Prague Transportation Authority to the island. It is free for those who have a standard valid ticket. And after your meanderings around Štvanice, take the boat again, this time over to the hip neighborhood of Karlín. Boarding the boat near Pražská tržnice tram stop in Prague 7 is easiest.

Prague 7 by boat

Vila Štvanice

If you’re looking for alternative cultural venues, then the “Villa” will be right up your alley. Housed in an actual villa dating to 1824, the space is used for alternative theatrical performances, decent dance parties, workshops, and concerts. Even if you’re just wandering around the island, stop in for a beer at their bar which is open daily from 14:00.

Vila Stvanice

Views of Prague

You won’t find tourists at Štvanice. It’s ironic too because the island boasts some very unique and spectacular views of Prague. The castle looks pretty handsome from here.


Skate Park

Prague’s one and only year around skate park calls Štvanice home. Serves beer too.

Mystic Skatepark Prague

Urban Exploration

There are many details of Štvanice which can only be appreciated and found with a proper exploration. Check out the reliefs on the bridge or the random graffiti covering a lot of the island’s forgotten surfaces. Oh, and there’s a tree swing for adults if you can find it.

IMG_1644Stvanice Prague