Cool Things To Do in Prague

Prague is a city with a rich political, social, and cultural history. It is home to a number of famous cultural attractions including Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, and Old Town Square with the Prague astronomical clock and the nearby Jewish Quarter. But you can find all of those places in any tourist guidebook, so let’s check out some more alternative tips on what to do in Prague.


Prague is famous for its art pieces from artists like Alfons Mucha, Emil Filla, František Kupka and many more which you can find at the National Gallery. But if you are looking for someone unusual and new, you should definitely visit the works of David Černý which are located all around Prague. For example, giant babies crawling up the Žižkov Tower and a giant rotating statue of Franz Kafka’s head.

David Cerny Prague

There are plenty of art installations on the side streets near Old Town Square. So keep your eyes open for art everywhere. It may even be falling from the sky like David Černý’s suicidal Freud or his sculpture of King Wenceslas riding an upside-down, apparently dead, horse.

David Cerny Prague

And if you are into this alternative kind of art, you should definitely visit the multi-functional theater hall, Jatka 78, offering a variety of genres like contemporary circus, dance as well as non-verbal and puppet theater.

Next thing worth a visit is the Lennon Wall, not only a memorial to John Lennon, but also graffiti and poems that once were symbols of the pacifist war against the communist regime which ruled the Czech Republic for so many years.

John Lennon Wall Prague

Letná Park

A perfect place for walking, cycling, and enjoying nature and all with amazing views. From the top of the park you can see the Vltava River and the bridges connecting both sides of the city. You can also find here the ‘’shoe monument’’ where the world’s largest Stalin statue once stood. In a fact, it’s just a bunch of shoes strung together over a wire. But doesn’t it look cool?

Letna Park Prague

Experience the zombie apocalypse or Star Wars in one day

Another fun attraction in Prague is Escape games where you have to escape from one or more rooms during a certain time limit, and to make it through you have to find clues and secret chambers, hack and open the strongboxes, decode messages and solve riddles and puzzles that will show you the way out. Many escape games are inspired by films or books, for example, this game, The star element, inspired by stories from Star Wars and the 5th Element, and thanks to technology like Virtual reality, interactive systems and other SMART elements, it is really cool.

Escape Games Prague