Tucked away in an alley on a small cobblestone street, one of Prague’s hidden gems exists. BackYard is a unique and creative space, showcasing the design and work of 12 talented artists.

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From jewelry to handbags to jackets and more, this studio holds so much character in each item, all handcrafted using Czech materials. I had the pleasure of chatting with one of the designers of a multi-functional apparel line. It was easy to see the support of this artist’s collective as she was excited to show me her colleagues’ work equally as much as her own.

Backyard PragueI perused the shelves, intrigued to find pieces that pushed the boundaries of creativity. No two things were alike. One clothing line was created using mirror reflections as patterns while another rack was lined with jean jackets made from recycled denim. Gold 3D printed jewelry contrasted with a series of Western-themed necklaces freezing movement in their design.

Backyard Prague

Backyard PragueEach piece is available for purchase online so that the artist could provide you a customized, in-person consultation. In addition, the artists each set their own prices, openings, and events. I would highly recommend seeking out this cozy little studio and seeing for yourself the amazing work of these designers.

Post by: Courtney Kinnare

New Address:

U obecního dvora 2, Prague 1 (Kozí plácek)

Opening hours:

Mon-Fri 13:00-19:00

Credit cards: varies by artist