Bajkazyl at first glance seems to be just a hip little pub tucked away in a unique space along the river embankment. It’s actually a lot more. Bajkazyl started out as a place where you could go to get your bike repaired – there’s a scenic bike path that leads along the river here – and somewhere along the way it turned into a cultural phenomena. They still fix up bikes on the spot and even rent them out for two hours or the day (prices on average 170 Kč for 2 hours/400 Kč per day), but that’s not all they do though…actually they’ve single-handedly managed to transform the river embankment “Náplavka” into the place to be in the summer. Thanks to Bajkazyl, a variety of things are going on here each week from lively concerts to simply boozing it up under the stars. In addition to Bajkazyl, there are boats and other bars built into the embankment along this stretch, perfect for hanging out and gazing at the castle in the distance.

!! Bar and cultural center also in Prague 3 – Žižkov!!


Rašínovo nábřeží, Prague 2 (Bajkazyl Náplavka)

Chlumova 3, Prague 3 (Bajkazyl Žižkov)

Opening hours:

from 14:00 (closed when it rains and in the winter)

Cost: Beer glass

Wifi: No

Non-smoking section: it’s outside

Credit cards: No