Prague restaurant VenueIt’s all about the details at Venue. From geometric light fixtures to charcoal brick walls, this modern-industrial-style café is a complete experience. Fur pelts are strewn across the backs of chairs while rose barstools surround simple marble tables. Every item in this bistro was handpicked with care – all the way up to the rustic wood and metal board my check was delivered on. It was clean, crisp, and tasteful; the perfect place to cozy into on a rainy day like today.

Prague restaurant VenuePrague restaurant VenueOf course, paired with such a unique ambiance came a decadent menu filled with a range of interesting items. Lucky for us, breakfast is served until 14:30. We started off with cappuccinos, which were presented on a wooden board with a vile of simple syrup for flavoring. To follow – sweet potato hash, which came covered in fried eggs, grilled onions, and aioli; beet-infused avo toast; savory oatmeal with goat cheese and eggs; and some French toast adorned with crispy bacon and a red wine syrup. Talk about a meal! It was so good we ordered some food for later – a smoked salmon bagel smothered in dill cream cheese. It came in a fancy brown wrap with a ribbon of twine for décor. Before leaving, I had one last look around. Everything in this café was so simple yet so detailed at the same time. It truly had one of the coolest vibes of restaurants I’ve experienced here in Prague, and if you haven’t stopped by, be sure to add it to your bucket list!

Post by: Courtney Kinnare

Address: Havelská 4, Prague 1

Opening Hours: 9:00 – 21:00

Cost: Beer glassBeer glass

Wifi: Yes

Non-Smoking Section: Yes

Credit Cards: Yes