U Holanů

If you’re looking to experience the feel and service of a typical Czech pub/restaurant, definitely stop by U Holanů. The low prices will shock you as might the apathetic waiter who doesn’t have time to chit chat or smile. This is the true Czech dining experience. The working class ambiance and smells of this place very well could transport you back to the Czechoslovakia of the not so distant past, when there wasn’t much else to do but sit around a shoot the shit in your neighborhood watering hole. The regulars here will all be Czech and probably downing lots of “tank” Gambrinus. A ton of outdoor seating in the summer.

Address: Londýnská 10, Prague 2

Opening hours:

Monday-Sunday 11:00-midnight

Cost: Beer glass

Wifi: ?

Non-smoking section: ?

Credit cards: ?

Web: http://www.uholanu.cz/