Prague’s Tastiest International Food Spots

Prague is experiencing somewhat of a foodie boom. New restaurants sprout up each month. A new generation of Czechs and expats are to thank for transforming what’s on the menu and what we eat. Here are some of our favorite international food spots in Prague right now:

Manifesto Market

Photo: Jakub Červenka

Photo: Jakub Červenka

Manifesto Market is a unique market in the Golden City: it’s a gastro and cultural paradise in the center of Prague and is also the first cashless market in the city and one of the first in Europe. The premises – transformed from a derelict and empty plot – have been tastefully constructed of re-purposed shipping containers. When you’re ready to eat, there is a staggering array of options at your fingertips: Hawaiian poké bowls, extravagant dim sum and Asian street food, gourmet burgers, tacos, ice cream, steaks, and vegan delights. This is an upscale food market, so don’t expect to pay street food prices. In addition to being foodie heaven, Manifesto Market organizes regular film screens and an evening called Food ‘n Beats with an up-and-coming DJ pumping out the jams.


Photo credit: Javanka

Whether you’ve had your fair share of Indonesian cuisine or not, Javánka is the place to go. It serves hearty, authentic dishes which frequently involve turkey and coconut milk paired with fresh herbs and spices. Vegan options are available as well and are clearly marked on the menu.

The environment is cozy and inviting, from its colorful abstract artwork to the servers, who are always more than happy to explain the menu to you. I suggest ordering a little bit of everything – a salad, soup, main course, and one “small thing to go well with every dish.” You won’t be disappointed with the variety of flavors, aromas, and textures. Even though the Czech Republic isn’t anywhere near Indonesia, and it’s actually some 6,000 miles away, Javánka is uniquely authentic and is a must visit here in Prague.

Las Adelitas

Las Adelitas
If you’re anything like me, you know that good Mexican food is hard to find. Often times, you’ll arrive at a restaurant only to find that the beans are flavorless or the burrito you ordered has a soggy tortilla before you even take a bite. Las Adelitas is not one of those places – the menu is diverse and includes soups, salads, ceviche, burritos, enchiladas, flautas, desserts, and of course, multiple types of tacos.

When I went, I got the fantastic potato tacos while my friend tried the mushroom burrito. Needless to say, she was raving about it the entire walk home. So if you find yourself craving some Mexican food, definitely take a step inside. Make sure to spring for the Guacamole Grande!



Photo: Garage

If the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Canadian food is poutine, you’re on the right track. Here at this Canadian deli, it’s what’s on the menu. For those who aren’t aware, poutine is a fast food style dish consisting of french fries topped with cheese and a signature hot brown gravy sauce. Garage offers enticing additions to this classic, from fried bacon to spicy pork and beef.

Even though the options here may not be the healthiest way to go, they’re sure to satisfy that craving for something salty and meaty. But remember that this isn’t just the 24/7 pizza type of fast food – you can’t just get Canadian food anywhere in Prague!

Sapa Vietnamese Market

Prague Vietnamese Market Sapa
Sapa Market is much more than a Vietnamese gastronomical experience – it’s a cultural one as well. Sapa is a gigantic, authentic Vietnamese market located on the outskirts of Prague, comprised of various stalls that sell everything from plush toys to big steaming bowls of Pho. It may not be the most beautiful or attractive spread of vendors, but once you lose yourself among the stalls and hear more Vietnamese than Czech, you might have to pinch yourself to remember that you’re really still in Prague.

Mr. Hot Dog

Mr. Hot Dog

Mr. Hot Dog, located in Prague’s Art District, is one of those places that you will crave on late nights and will keep coming back to: their hot dogs and chili fries are that good. Let’s not forget their sliders though, a constant favorite of the local blogger, czech_please, who does a yearly round up of the best burgers in Prague. You will instantly fall for the Coney Island Dog, a dog with a buttery bun covered in chili sauce, spicy mustard, and pickles, which will snap when you bite into it. Your vegetarian pal will not go hungry either as they offer veggie dogs as well. You can wash it all down with one of their signature cocktails like the coriander martini. And if you’re utterly crazy for hot dogs, sign up for their annual hot dog eating contest. At Mr. Hot Dog you’ll get the best gourmet hot dogs in Prague and maybe even….the world!



Photo: Balarama

This place is an absolute, undeniable MUST visit while here in Prague. Tucked away in a small spot in Prague 3, this hole in the wall serves some of the most comforting Indian food. When you walk in, don’t be deterred by the small staircase or the fact that there isn’t a host readily waiting to seat you. Simply go up and ring the bell on the counter and the most sincere old Czech woman will pop up from behind the corner and greet you.

Only one central dish is made each day, and it’s always vegetarian with a vegan alternative. If you get a typical “small” plate, it comes with a heaping serving of the main course alongside rice, salad, soup, tea, and a signature dessert. And wait for it… all that is for only 104 czk! Or, if you prefer, get the all you can eat menu for only 119 czk! Balarama will be sure to have your heart due to the genuine service, delicious food, and inviting environment.

Contributors: Audrey Schmidt, Amanda Bell

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