Pod Vyšehradem

Another gem in the Vyšehrad area and a bit of a time trip. The large wooden tables make it easy to interact with locals if you so should desire-just ask to join their table if there’s not one free. Pod Vyšehradem Restaurant is a great option if you are looking to experience traditional Czech cuisine at local prices. They are quick and friendly, so if you are pressed for time you can be in and out with a wink of an eye. The lunch menu is recommended – with all dishes you get a free glass of Kofola.

Address: Vratislavova 4, Prague 2

Opening hours:

Monday-Saturday 11:00-23:00

Sunday 11:00-22:00

Cost: Beer glass

Wifi: Yes

Non-smoking section: No

Credit cards: Yes

Web: http://www.podvysehradem.cz/