Loving Hut

If you need a vegan fix, then Loving Hut is the place to go. Their culinary skills when it comes to making vegan versions of „shrimp,“ „chicken,“ ect. are quite impressive. Loving Hut, however, is more than a vegan dining experience. It is an international chain founded by the Supreme Leader Ching Hai and you can see her preaching on the TVs throughout the restaurant. You’ll be very warmly welcomed especially if you order as such: „I’ll take tofu and rice with a side of your intriguing philosophy.“ Five locations in Prague.


Truhlářská 20, Prague 1

Londýnská 35, Prague 2

Plzeňská 8, Prague 5

Radlická 115, Prague 5

Dukelských Hrdinů 18, Prague 7

Opening hours:

Monday-Saturday 11:00-21:00

Sundays & Holidays closed

Cost: Beer glass

Wifi: ?

Non-smoking section: Yes

Credit cards: Yes

Web: http://www.lovinghut.cz