Pivní Galerie

Czech beer is much more than Pilsner Urquell and Gambrinus. In fact, many Czech towns have their own brewery. Since most people can’t make it to all of those breweries outside of Prague, we recommend a visit to the friendly Pivní Galerie to taste some of the lesser-known microbrews. Pivní Galerie has a selection of 240 different types of light, dark, and specialty beers. If you’re craving a unique Belgian beer or a classic German wheat beer, then you can buy some of those beers to go as well. Another great thing about Pivní Galerie is their tasting corner, a little pub in and of itself, where you can sit down and relax and taste one of the two microbrews on tap – as soon as the keg runs out, they change them.

Address: U Průhonu 9, Prague 7

Opening hours:

Tuesday-Friday 12:00-19:00

Credit cards: ?

Web: http://www.pivnigalerie.cz/uk_historie.php