Craving a ¼ roasted duck with dumplings and saurkraut? How about a wild boar steak with rose hip sauce? Or maybe you’d simply like to find a place to have a good Czech meal that’s not catered to tourists? Make your way out to Budvarka in Dejvice. You’ll find locals enjoying a half liter or six. When all is said and done you can choose from five different kinds of the original Budweiser (Czechs know it as „Budvar“ hailing from České Budějovice), including a non-alcoholic one for those detoxing. Patio outside during the spring and summer.

Address: Wuchterlova 22, Prague 6

Opening hours:


Cost: Beer glassBeer glass

Wifi: ?

Non-smoking section: ?

Credit cards: Yes

Web: http://www.budvarkadejvice.cz/