Affordable Eats

U koka RestaurantThere is a wide range of affordable and tasty restaurants in Prague from traditional Czech food to hip bistros to ethnic food options. However, if you are just randomly wandering into restaurants from the street, it’s easy to get stuck in a mediocre, overpriced tourist trap.  Check out our recommended restaurants and get a meal for under 200 kc on average.



Govinda RestaurantContrary to popular belief, Prague actually has a lot of vegetarian and vegetarian-friendly restaurants. We can even recommend a handful of vegan options as well. So if you prefer not to eat our four-legged friends or if you’ve simply had your fill of meat and dumplings, check out our guide to some tasty vegetarian restaurants!


Local Fast Food

Prague Fast FoodIt’s two in the morning and you’re stumbling home. The only thing on your mind is where you can get a smažený sýr/fried cheese sandwhich or a doner kebab. Do not fret! Whether it’s 2:00 a.m. or lunch time, you can always find something fast on the go.



Farmer’s Markets

Prague Farmer's MarketLuckily for those of us who live in Prague permanently, the concept of the farmer’s market has really caught on the past couple of years in the Czech capital. With regular days and times, farmer’s markets take over Prague squares in local neighborhoods, such Vínohrady, Dejvice, and Vršovice. Often times you will find local food stands here as well.


Ethnic and Specialty Shops

The Candy Store Prague 2Want to buy some Czech microbrews? Having a hard time finding tahini for your homemade hummus? Craving some American candy like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups? Looking for a certain spice you can’t seem to find in your average Czech supermarket? Not to worry – there are a multitude of various ethnic and specialty shops in Prague catering to your various needs.

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