Riegrovy Sady Park & Beer Garden

Riegrovy Sady

Photo credit: Lovro Rumiha

There are two major beer gardens in this city and Riegrovy sady in the heart of Vinohrady is one of them (Letná Beer Garden is the other). Found in the center of Riegrovy sady Park, this massive beer garden holding up to 1,300 souls is a place where locals and expats alike waste away spring and summer afternoons. The beer is cheap, poured fast (there is sometimes a line though), and is served in a glass (!). There is also classic Czech drinking food, such as fat grilled kolbasa and nakládaný hermelín (marinated camembert cheese) served up at the food stand. Riegrovy sady beer garden has several tables with huge umbrellas, so it’s possible to stay and drink even when it’s raining outside. A huge screen projects sporting events like the world hockey championship as well as random music videos. If foosball is your thing, there are a couple of tables.

If you don’t feel like sticking around and drinking your beer amongst the buzz of English and Czech, grab one to go, exit the beer garden to the left and walk about one minute. You’ll come to a hill with a great view of Prague Castle where you can drink your beer in peace on the grass.

Address: Riegrovy Sady 28, Prague 2

Opening hours:

12:00-2:00 (daily, April-October)

Cost: Beer glass

Wifi: No

Non-smoking section: It’s outside!

Credit cards: No

Web: No