Prague’s Lesser-known Beer Gardens

In Prague, beer gardens are abundant. The most popular beer gardens, Letná and Riegrovy Sady are definitely worth a visit, but are usually packed in the summer. What follows is the best of Prague’s lesser-known beer gardens.  These beer gardens definitely have an alternative vibe and rich cultural program.

Tiskárna na vzduchu

Tiskárna na vzduchu is a different kind of beer garden. Sure you can sit under the stars and drink beers to your heart’s content, but there’s a lot more to do than just that. Tiskárna na vzduchu – butting up to Stromovka Park, the largest park in the city – is a lively cultural center of sorts open from spring to fall. During the 2015 season alone they organized a mind-blowing number of events, about 100 in all, ranging from electro swing parties to movie screenings and even a finger food festival. As a bonus, they have on tap one of the best Czech micobrews, Polička.

prague beer gardens


Housed under the Prague metronome, Stalin has quickly become the place to be since it opened just last summer. There’s usually a DJ spinning or a movie playing and tons of hipsters around.

prague beer garden


Vyletná calls the leafy Letná home and is just paces away from the more-frequented Letná Beer Garden. Why should you hang out at Vyletná instead? Shorter lines. Better beer (Bernard) and food. They also have a couple of hammocks, a community garden, ping pong, and a big screen for sporting events. If that doesn’t convince you, come on, it’s a non-profit – you’re drinking helps them to restore this old-school club house.

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Na hradbách

Beer garden tucked away on the grounds of historic Vyšehrad? Yes, it’s true (and luckily the tourist masses don’t know about). This place even has a Balkan grill up and running in the summer. Bar inside is run by dread-head Czechs and keeps the party going when the weather turns bad.

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Smack dab in the heart of Žižkov, Parukářka is perched upon a hill and located in a small park with decent views of Prague Castle and the roofs of Žižkov. This is a small neighborhood beer garden with just a couple of picnic tables outside. There is an indoor pub which appears to be run by a group of local punks. They put on some concerts here and in the nearby former nuclear bunker.

Zizkov TV Tower