Paralelní Polis

Bitcoin Coffee at Paralelní Polis has everything your usual cafe would boast – creamy lattes, a selection of gooey pies, little balls of chocolate with chopped nuts – but the difference between this coffee shop and just any other cafe is that stepping inside is pretty much like stepping into the future. The most obvious difference is that Bitcoin Coffee is the only cafe in the world that accepts solely bitcoins. What are bitcoins? The short answer is virtual currency (the long answer can consume many hours on Google). How do you get them? A conveniently located bitcoin ATM inside the cafe, where you can set up your very own bitcoin balance. But the method of payment isn’t the only thing that makes this coffee shop the perfect hub for creative minds and virtual projects. There’s plenty of space to stretch out across the large tabletops, making it the perfect place to bring a laptop, get some work done, and sip on some bitcoin coffee.

Paralelní Polis, started by the renegade activist art collective Ztohoven, is also a co-working space with a 3D printer. They host a series of free film screenings called “Cinema 43” on everything from art to socio-political issues.

Address: Dělnická 43, Prague 7

Opening hours:

Monday-Friday 8:00-20:00
Saturday and Sunday 10:00-20:00

Cost: Beer glassBeer glass

Wifi: Yes

Non-smoking section: Yes

Credit cards: No (the ATM only accepts bills, no cards or coins)