Café Sladkovský

Café Sladkovský is another cool member of the Vršovice alternative bar and cafe community. In the evening hours, Sladkovský is usually packed with an intellectual bunch of people who appreciate good food, good coffee, and a nicely rolled cigarette. The atmosphere is very friendly – it’s as if the whole neighborhood came out for a beer and some gossip. Btw, you can get a very tasty Unětice or Ježek beer on tap here. The interior is nicely done with a feel of 1930s Vršovice. Café Sladkovský is also rumored to have a damn good burger.

Address: Sevastopolská 17, Prague 10

Opening hours:

Monday-Friday 10:00-1:00

Saturday 17:00-1:00

Sunday 11:00-1:00

Cost: Beer glassBeer glass

Wifi: Yes

Non-smoking section:

Yes (two rooms non-smoking all day; entire place non-smoking until 20:00)

Credit cards: No