Atmosphere (Atmoška)

Considered a classic pub of sorts among young locals, you can play foosball or drink Hoegarden (or several local beers that they have on tap) or even meet your future Czech lover. Most popular in the warmer days is their inner garden area, a courtyard of sorts, and a welcome hidden refuge from the tourist hordes just steps away exploring the Charles Bridge. They also serve up very affordable food, including vegetarian delights, especially if you’ve already had enough of smažák (fried cheese). One of their favorite snacks is their massive portion of fried potatoe slices served up in a basket with three different sauces…goes perfect with friends and that Hoegarden.

Address: Karolíny Světlé 33, Prague 1

Opening hours:

Mon-Sun 12:00-02:00

Cost: Beer glass

Wifi: Yes

Non-smoking section: No

Credit cards: No