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Fancy a drink or rather several cheap, tasty beers?  There are cool pubs practically everywhere in Prague, even though they may not jump right out at you. Use our guide to find your own favorite Prague watering hole, whether it be a bar with local hipsters or a smoky, no-frills pub reminiscent of 1980s Czechoslovakia.



Cross Club 1If you have on your party pants and are ready to dance until to dawn, do not fret, Prague has many unwholesome clubbing options. As always, we list here some of the alternatives to the top 40 dance floor and price-gouging tourist traps.




Q Café 5Prague is actually a very gay-friendly city and this can be seen in the number of gay bars/cafes/clubs around town. So bust out your rainbow flag and glitter (or just everyday clothes), because you’re in for a surprise with a wide range of queer places awaiting you.




Café Rybka 1Cafe culture is alive and well in Prague. Forget about that overpriced cafe latte from corporate Starbucks and instead take a load off in a local cafe. All you need is some proper reading material (perhaps a little Kafka or Kundera?) and some rolling tobacco (this is optional-there even exists non-smoking cafes these days, by God!)

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