Trafo Galerie

Trafo Galerie, loyal to the ethos of the now defunct Trafačka, carries on its artistic mission but now in the center of Prague. Trafačka – closed in 2015 – was a former transformer station in Prague 8 turned alternative hub of contemporary art, music, and cool events. Trafačka was home to many up and coming, yet underground Czech artists who had their ateliers there (Jakub Nepraš, Michal Cimala, Stanley Povoda). Trafačka itself was a place constantly in flux, although its roots in graffiti, street art, and conceptual art remained true. From September 2016, Trafo Galerie is located in Hall 14 of Pražská Tržnice; stop by and find out why Prague 7 is called the “Art District of Prague.” Trafo Galerie is carrying on the torch, promoting the next generation of Czech DIY artists.

Address: Pražská tržnice, Hala 14, Prague 7

Opening hours:

Wed-Sun 15:00-19:00

Sat 10:00-19:00

Credit cards: No – it’s FREE