Saints Bar

If you ever downed a couple of cocktails at The Saints, you surely get why they are said to be, „the friendliest gay bar in Prague.“  This is the place to come if you are on your own and looking to make new friends; it’s cozy and intimate, so it’s easy to get know everyone in the bar fast.  Make a point of chatting with the bartenders-they all speak English and act as a one-stop info center on all of the gay night life in Prague. The Saints is predominantly gay, but don’t be fooled, there is no gay elitism here: they truly accept every color of the rainbow-gay, straight, bi, dyke, alien, ect. You will find more of an expat crowd here, but it’s also made up of a lot of locals who like to practice their pick up lines in English. Trivia nights once a month and regular parties!

Address: Polská 32, Prague 2

Opening hours:

Monday-Sunday 19:00-4:00

Cost: Beer glassBeer glass

Wifi: ?

Non-smoking section: No

Credit cards: Yes