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So you are a queer visiting or living in Prague. Lucky you! The Czech Republic, and Prague especially, is a relatively tolerant and accepting place for all people of the rainbow flag. In 2006, a law on registered partnerships (similar to civil unions) was passed and since then queers in the Czech Republic have some of the same rights that are granted to married couples (unfortunately not adoption though!). Also, the first Prague pride parade was held in 2011 and again in 2012 with 15,000 people attending. There is so much to do in Prague for LGBT people – check out what the city has to offer!

Prague Pride

Prague Pride gay pragueEvery August since 2011, Prague is taken over by rainbow flags, glitter, and cute boys in pink shorts. The pride movement had humble beginnings in the Czech Republic starting in 2008 in Brno (one of the largest cities in Moravia) with just a few hundred people; unfortunately there were clashes with extreme right wing groups who attempted to crash the party. Today the pride parade has moved to Prague and is a huge event with wide-spread support and with an international and local crowd.

Mezipatra Queer Film Festival

Mezipatra gay pragueMezipatra is something the LBGT community in Prague, Brno, and other cities looks forward to each fall. Of course, it’s a film festival showcasing a multitude of queer films (documentaries, shorts, feature films, ect.), but it’s also a cultural event that takes both cities by storm. In addition to film, the creative organizers of Mezipatra put together an impressive program of theme parties, lectures, exhibits, and more. Mezipatra, around since 2000, is produced by STUD, a Czech non-profit focusing on LGBT issues.

Queer Noises

Queer Noises gay pragueQueer Noises is a very queer, a very drunk, and very artsy night of music held ever so often at a handful of alternative Prague spaces. Since 2009, Queer Noises has offered the alternative queer kids something else to do besides going to gay clubs and dancing to cheesy music. It’s a much more creative endeavor with a Berlin-feel to the whole affair and welcoming those who like to play around with their sexual-gender identity.


MEOTAR party is an open platform project focusing on queer femmes. The events are dedicated to introduce and celebrate the beauty of women’s creative work in music but also poetry, movie and other performances.



Freedom Night

gay prague freedom nightInto girls and happen to be in Prague on the third Friday of the month? Well, lucky for you, Freedom Night, the biggest party in Prague for lesbians, dykes, and queer girls is going on. There is really no event in Prague which rivals the number of ladies-loving-ladies that this monthly party brings out. Each party usually has a theme and you can bet on hearing some music from Dirty Dancing or Grease. Freedom Night is now held at PM Club and is organized by the main dj, Henriette.

Queer Eye

Queer Eye gay pragueQueer Eye festival in April of each year focuses on alternative music, performance, visual arts and photography. It maps the Czech society and culture from a different “queer” perspective, but it also has an international outreach. And since it is organized by four women, it has a particularly lesbian and a feminist feel. Via workshops, lectures, photography/art, artistic and theatrical performances, and alternative bands Queer Eye likes to bring together people with interesting and non-mainstream viewpoints.


gay pragueLike to shake your booty with other gays and lesbians? Lollypop, hosted every month in the gay-friendly Radost FX club, is the oldest gay  party in the Czech Republic. Lollypop brings in some quality djs, so you’ll have no problem enticing a hottie your way with your incredible dance moves. Also, the crowd is mixed and fun, so you’ll be sure to dance until morning and meet some new people.

Pioneer Prague

gay praguePioneer Prague recently held its 20th party in April 2014! Think Prague hipster queers dancing the night away and you’ll get the idea. Their motto is: “Prague ultimate dirty dancing! Straight friendly!”



Gay Prague by Night Tour

Photo credit: John M.If you’re really looking for a proper exploration of the gay scene, it’s best to join our handsome gay tour guide who will take you to the best spots in gay Vinohrady. Beer included!

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