Kokpit Kafé

Kokpit’s “about” section on Facebook proclaims: chlast, kurvy, a chlebičky (booze, whores, and sandwiches). So yeah, Kokpit is one of those places – a place for the adventurous, for the punk at heart, and for those who like to booze it up and thrash around. Until recently, Kokpit was a functioning transformer station, remarkably, in the city center in Malá Strana. Now it’s a crusty, DIY space for concerts, art exhibits, workshops, and film screenings. They are open sporadically, usually when there is a crazy event going on, so follow their Facebook page for updates.

Address: Pod Bruskou 2, Prague 1

Opening hours: depends!

Cost: Beer glass

Wifi: ?

Non-smoking section: No

Credit cards: No

Web: Facebook or http://kokpitkafe.tumblr.com/