Kavárna, co hledá jméno

Prague cafe Although it may be a bit trickier to find this Prague cafe, its open-space set-up is sure to make you feel welcome right away. Tucked behind a small parking lot with only a sign to guide you, soon you will be exposed to a one-of-a-kind space in an industrial brick building.

Prague cafeThis site, put together by the same collective which brought you Vnitroblock, previously belonged to a carpenter and has been hollowed out and remodeled into a unique area featuring a café, art gallery, studio, yard, and a multi-function room for hire. Elements of old and new touch each corner and make it the perfect ambiance for studying, chatting, or enjoying a meal.

Prague cafe Prague cafeOriginally, my tired eyes yearned for an espresso, but after noticing everyone ordering a mysterious red cocktail, I had to try it. As it turns out, this place is famous for its homemade raspberry lemonade served in a wine glass with a sprig of mint. It was amazing! The rest of the menu featured a variety of brunch, dinner, and dessert items each with a twist. Mascarpone cheesecake after some eggs benedict soufflé, sign me up! Next time you’re caught up in the city atmosphere of Smichov, take a step into Kavárna, co hledá jméno for a quick getaway and some good eats.

Post by: Courtney Kinnare

Address: Stroupežnického 10, Prague 5

Opening hours:

Mon-Fri 8:00-22:00

Cost: Beer glassBeer glass

Wifi: Yes

Non-smoking section: Yes

Credit Cards: Yes