DOX – Centre for Contemporary Art – is situated in none other than Holešovice, a neighborhood of Prague experiencing something of a (artistic) revitalization. DOX is a revamped industrial space proomoting alternative Czech artists with exhibits critical of the current human condition. DOX was started in order to fill the need of an alternative Czech center of art and thus has become popular with locals quickly. During its short existence, DOX has become a beacon of quality exhibits in Prague. It’s easy to spend several hours in DOX – check out the design shop and have a drink in their café in between exhibits. For fans of David Černý, you can see his installation Zatopek’s Legs, a permnent piece, on the terrace across from the cafe. As an added bonus, don’t miss “Gulliver” in the courtyard, a wooden zeppelin created as a reading room and for public discussions and lectures.

Address: Poupětova 1, Prague 7

Opening hours:

Monday 10:00-18:00

Tuesday (closed)

Wednesday 11:00-19:00

Thursday 11:00-21:00

Friday 11:00-19:00

Saturday-Sunday 10:00-18:00

Cost: Beer glassBeer glass

180 CZK for adults; 90 CZK for students; 40 CZK for

art students

Credit cards: ?