Prague's Metronome in LetnaVagabonds. Queers. Shiny-eyed, newly arrived expats. Lovers of weird art and good coffee/beer. Philosophy students. These are the people who like and use Prague Off the Map and these are the people for whom it was created. In fact, that describes us, and by us I mean the staff of Prague Off the Map, and by staff I mean one person, just myself: American-queer-expat exploring Prague and the Czech Republic since back in the day (that means since 1999).

Classic Prague TramBeing an avid traveler, and of course, an expat, I know how hard it is to find those places that are unique, eccentric, genuinely local, and sometimes feel like home when you first arrive to a new and foreign place. Oh, and those places must be cheap or at least affordable. So that’s pretty much Prague Off the Map in a nutshell.

Also, since 2005 when I permanently settled here, Prague has really changed a whole hell of a lot. The hip Czechs have Prague theaterreally caught on to what’s happening in places like Berlin and Amsterdam and want a piece of it back at home. We really do have a lot of cool things going on in our beautiful city of Prague, and that’s why I created this website: to share that alternative side of Czech culture with others.

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